Canpol auslaufssicherer Trinklernbecher 9m+ Little Cow

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Canpol auslaufssicherer Trinklernbecher 9m+ Little Cow

Haberman für Canpol wurde von Mandy Haberman entwickelt. Er ist auslaufsicher und dazu noch in einem coolen Kuh Design.Die bunten Flächen des Bechers sind aus extra rutschhemmendem Material, damit der Becher nicht aus der Hand rutscht.

  • Spülmaschinengeeignet
  • Mikrowellengeeignet
  • Ab 9 Monate verwendbar
  • BPA frei
  • 250ml Fassungsvermögen



Haberman for Canpol babies is a collection of non-spill cups designed by an English mum Mandy Haberman, the inventor of the first non-spill cup. Mandy Haberman was irritated when the liquid from her daughter's training cup kept leaking out onto the carpet, so she designed a revolutionary cup, from which nothing ever spills out. The invention of the non-spill cup won the gold medal of the Woman Global Investors and Innovators Network. Now, Mandy Haberman has joined the team of experienced Canpol mums and we present her famous cups in our new collection Haberman for Canpol babies.

The "Cow" cup is one of the three cups of the Haberman for Canpol babies collection. It comes with a unique non-spill valve to allow the child to drink independently without spilling:

  • non-spill spout facilitates unaided drinking and protects against spilling;
  • rubber-coated, non-skid handles help to grab and hold the cup in small hands;
  • rubber-coated, non-skid bottom protects against uncontrolled skidding of the cup on a surface;
  • simple design (only 2 components: a container and a lid) makes cleaning easy.

The cup has a unique, patched graphics in bright, contrasting colours and a Capacity of 250 ml. It is recommended for children over 9 months.

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